about us

we make AI vision available
and scalable for everyone

after 3 years and countless projects,
we’ve decided to bring AI vision to you

We’ve done the programming so you don’t have to. With our experience you
can quickly use AI vision on your production lines without technical expertise.

our values

We place a strong emphasis on customer centricity and satisfaction. We work strenuously to understand customer’s needs, situations, perspectives and expectations.

We deliver the best results by being open and collaborative with our customers and clients. We promote interaction with our clients and customers. We are also highly committed to providing solutions to every challenge that may arise, and we follow through on our promises.

We are proud!

Proud of what we make! It’s new technology. Renewing, changing and innovative.

we are entrepreneurial

We are constantly innovating; continuously asking ourselves how things can be done better or perhaps differently.

we create

The Netherlands is an export country, so we know what’s needed to ensure a better competitive position with our solutions.

we encourage creativity

We are constantly innovating. We talk constantly to our customers in order to bring AI and business together

meet the team

We are a team of highly skilled specialists and dedicated professionals from a variety of background, with proven knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

in just 10 minutes you’ll
be on your way:

Option 1

I already have my edge computing device:

Option 2

I want processing locally within my network. That’s why I need a processing unit (edge computing):

Option 3

I need advise on my hardware and use-case:

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