a simple, user-friendly computer vision platform for AI vision

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of the platform

manage all your applications

Create multiple applications or models so you can pick the best one for production!

select model

Select the model you need, either start from scratch or pick a pre-trained model

test your data

Our pre-trained models are already very good. Test how they do on your own data!

upload your data

Upload your data manually or connect it automatically via our API. We seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware.

image and video annotation

Label your images and videos in a userfriendly UI. Use our labeling service when you’re short on time.

it’s really easy – get started in 10 minutes

focus on your data, we’ll do the rest

model training

Train and re-train models with the simple push of a button. No technical expertise needed.

configure your NVIDIA Jetson and cameras

Deploy your model with our step by step deployment approach

configure your cameras

Easily add any IP camera to our application

select your regions of interest

Configure in the camera stream your event triggers and alarms

deploy your application

Once you’ve set up everything, deploy with a single click

monitor events and get alarms

See the output videos or photos of your models, if needed add them to your dataset to improve your model even more!

it’s really easy – get started in 10 minutes

focus on your data, we’ll do the rest

in just 10 minutes you’ll
be on your way:

Option 1

I already have my edge computing device:

Option 2

I want processing locally within my network. That’s why I need a processing unit (edge computing):

Option 3

I need advise on my hardware and use-case:

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