Advantech ICAM an Industrial AI smart Camera

June 8, 2024


Introduction to Advantech and Pioneering Vision AI

Advantech leads the way in the industrial AI camera market, shaping the future with its innovative solutions. At the heart of this revolution lies the industrial Smart Camera of Advantech ICAM series, a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing industrial AI. These cameras, equipped with NVIDIA AI system on module, redefine what’s possible in image acquisition and AI inference, making Advantech a beacon for those navigating the complexities of AI vision applications. emerges as a vital ally in this technological journey, democratizing access to advanced AI capabilities. It offers a platform where the deployment of edge vision AI becomes not just a possibility but a streamlined, accessible reality. Together, Advantech and are not just participants but leading architects in the era of vision AI, ensuring that the power of AI is within reach for industries across the spectrum.

Their collaboration underscores a shared vision: to make AI system integration seamless and inclusive. Through Advantech’s camera technology and’s software prowess, they enable applications that were once considered futuristic to be deployed today. This partnership significantly reduces the barriers to entry for leveraging cloud-to-edge vision AI applications, ensuring that industries can harness the power of AI to drive innovation and efficiency.

Advantech ICAM-500 and ICAM-520 Series: Industrial AI Cameras Compared

Advantech’s ICAM-500 and ICAM-520 series represent cutting-edge industrial AI cameras, both well-suited for a variety of edge AI vision applications. Despite sharing similar operational environments and functionalities, there are distinct features and specifications that differentiate the two series.

ICAM-500 Series The ICAM-500 series is highly recognized for its integration capabilities and ease of maintenance. This series is equipped with a SONY industrial-grade image sensor and multiple core ARM processors, powered by an NVIDIA AI system on a module. It is designed to significantly reduce both installation and maintenance efforts, thanks to features like programmable variable focus lenses and LED illumination. The cameras in this series are well-suited for environments requiring robust, all-in-one solutions to manage complex image and video processing tasks directly on the device.

ICAM-520 Series The ICAM-520 series shares many of the rugged and integrative qualities of the ICAM-500 but includes the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX as its computational engine. This upgrade provides enhanced processing power, making the ICAM-520 series particularly adept at handling more demanding AI tasks. Like the ICAM-500, the ICAM-520 also features programmable variable focus lenses, LED illumination, and a SONY industrial-grade image sensor. Its design similarly emphasizes reducing installation and operational complexities, making it an excellent choice for applications that require efficient, real-time processing at the edge.

Both series are celebrated for their ability to accommodate complex AI programming and simplify operational demands in industrial settings. The choice between the ICAM-500 and ICAM-520 often depends on the specific processing needs and environmental challenges of the deployment scenario, with the ICAM-520 providing slightly more advanced capabilities in terms of computational power and AI functionalities.

SpecificationICAM-520 SeriesICAM-500 Series
Model VariantsICAM-520-10W, ICAM-520-12WICAM-500-10W, ICAM-500-12W
Processor SystemNVIDIA Xavier NX 6-core CPU, 1.9GHz 384-core GPUNVIDIA Jetson Nano Quad Core CPU, 1.43GHz 128 CUDA core GPU
Image SensorSONY MX296, 1.6MP@60fpsSONY IMX296, 1.6MP@60fps
Memory / Storage8 GB LPDDR4 / 16G eMMC4 GB LPDDR4 / 16G eMMC
Optical Lens12mm or 16mm variable focal length12mm or 16mm variable focal length
LED Illumination8 x PWM white LEDs, programmable8 x PWM white LEDs, programmable
SynchronizationHardware trigger, software trigger, free-runHardware trigger, software trigger, free-run
I/O Ports1 x USB 3.0 Type C, 1 x RS485<br>1x trigger in, 2 x Inputs, 2 x Outputs1 x USB 3.0 Type C, 1 x RS485<br>1x trigger in, 2 x Inputs, 2 x Outputs
Display Output1 x HDMI 2.01 x HDMI 2.0
LAN1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T
Power Requirements19~24VDC Max: 18W, typical 15W19~24VDC Max: 17W, typical 15W
Dimensions (mm)82mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 63 mm(D)82mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 60 mm(D)
Operating SystemUbuntu 18.04, JetPack 4.6.2Ubuntu 18.04, JetPack 4.5.1
Software SupportNVIDIA DeepStream SDK, CAMNavi SDK, IP configure toolNVIDIA DeepStream SDK, CAMNavi SDK, IP configure.
Environmental Specs0-45° C, 5Grms, IP540-45° C, 5Grms, IP54

The new ICAM-540: Redefining Industrial Vision Systems

The introduction of the Advantech ICAM-540 series, including ICAM-540-30W and ICAM-540-3CN, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of industrial vision systems. These cameras epitomize the fusion of Advantech’s engineering excellence with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI technology. The ICAM-540 is equipped with an 8MP 45 fps SONY IMX334 industrial-grade image sensor and utilizes the NVIDIA Orin NX System on Module. This potent combination not only offers exceptional image quality but also enhances the camera’s ability to perform complex image processing and AI tasks directly on the device.

A standout feature of the ICAM-540 series is its compatibility with C-mount lenses, which allows for a wide range of lens options to be used depending on the specific requirements of the application. This flexibility ensures that the camera can be adapted for various industrial environments without compromising on performance.

Advantech ICAM-540
Advantech ICAM-540

Incorporating NVIDIA’s AI technology, the ICAM-540 supports the DeepStream SDK, which accelerates the development and deployment of AI-powered vision applications. The DeepStream SDK is used when using! This SDK integration facilitates the creation of scalable solutions that can handle multi-stream data processing on edge, thereby reducing reliance on cloud computing and minimizing latency.

The camera also features CAMNavi SDK and an HTML5 web-based utility, enhancing user experience by simplifying setup and configuration processes. These tools make the ICAM-540 a user-friendly option, ideal for industries looking to implement powerful vision AI capabilities without extensive technical overhead. The camera’s rugged build and compact design make it suitable for harsh industrial conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.

Overall, the Advantech ICAM-540 series is designed to meet the demands of modern industrial applications, providing a robust, flexible, and efficient solution for integrating advanced AI vision capabilities into a variety of operational contexts.

Features– 8MP, 45 fps SONY industrial grade sensor
– C-mount lens compatible
– NVIDIA Jetson AI system on module
– HW ISP no GPU/CPU workload
Image SensorSONY IMX334, 8MP@45fps, 1/1.8″, Rolling Shutter, Color
Processor System– CPU/GPU: NVIDIA Orin NX
– CPU: 6-core Cortex A78AE ARM® v8.2, Max. 2 GHz
– GPU: 1024 cores, 32 Tensor
Memory/ Storage8 GB 128-bit LPDDR5 / 256GB NVMe
Optical LensCompatible with C-mount lens
SynchronizationHardware trigger, software trigger, free-run
I/O– 1 x USB 3.0 Type C, 1 x USB 3.0 Type A
– Digital I/O: 1x trigger in, 2 x Inputs, 2 x Outputs
– 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T LAN
Power Requirements19~24VDC Max: 18W, typical 15W
Dimensions78mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 49.31 mm (D)
Environment0-45° C, 5Grms
CertificationCE/FCC IP 40
Software Support– OS: Ubuntu 20.04, JetPack 5.1.1
– NVIDIA Deepstream SDK, CAMNavi SDK
– Web based camera utility, IP configure tool
Ordering InformationICAM-540-3CN Orin NX, 8MP@45fps, color, C-mount
Accessories– Power supplies: 65W and 60W options
– 3 m Power & DI/O cable, 3 m Ethernet cable

Reduce Complexity: The All-in-One Solution for Vision System Needs

Advantech’s approach to simplifying the complexity of industrial vision systems is embodied in its all-in-one solutions, such as the highly integrated industrial AI camera. The ICAM is designed to reduce the installation and maintenance effort significantly, featuring components like programmable variable focus lenses and LED illumination that are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of industrial environments.

The ICAM stands out as a prime example of this philosophy, combining lighting, camera, and AI computing in a highly compact package. This integration not only saves space but also streamlines the time and resources needed for deployment, eliminating the need to install additional AI computing equipment. Furthermore, the camera equipped with NVIDIA Jetson and supported by a robust utility package, including the DeepStream SDK, facilitates rapid application development and deployment of cloud-to-edge vision AI applications.

Such an all-in-one solution proves invaluable in industries requiring high efficiency and adaptability. By embedding advanced AI capabilities directly within the camera, Advantech enables industries to leverage AI vision applications without the complexity traditionally associated with such technological adoption. This innovative approach not only enhances the capability of industrial vision systems but also makes them accessible to a broader range of applications, from precision inspection to environmental monitoring, thereby fostering a new era of industrial automation and intelligence. 

Deployment of Cloud-to-Edge Vision AI with Advantech

The deployment of cloud-to-edge vision AI applications represents a pivotal advancement in industrial automation, with Advantech leading this transformation. The seamless integration of AI camera equipped with NVIDIA and camera equipped with NVIDIA Jetson into the industrial landscape underscores the potency of edge computing. These devices, especially the nvidia jetson and integrated industrial ai camera equipped models, are at the forefront of this technological revolution, offering unparalleled computational power and flexibility.

The Advantech ICAM-500 series is a highly integrated solution that embodies the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI system on module technology. By leveraging the power of multiple core ARM processors and NVIDIA AI system on module, these cameras are capable of processing and analyzing data at the edge, thereby significantly reducing latency and bandwidth usage.

This capability is further enhanced by the use of NVIDIA Metropolis microservices for Jetson, which simplifies the development and deployment of AI applications across a variety of settings. The innovative features of these cameras, such as being equipped with programmable variable focus and supporting a wide range of utilities like the HTML5 web-based utility and JetPack, empower businesses to customize their vision AI solutions to meet specific operational needs.

By reducing the effort significantly needed for the deployment and ongoing maintenance of AI vision systems, Advantech enables industries to embrace cloud-to-edge vision AI applications more readily. This not only saves space but also conserves the time that would be needed to install traditional AI computing infrastructures, marking a significant leap forward in the adoption of smart and efficient technologies in various sectors.

Leveraging NVIDIA DeepStream for Enhanced Vision AI Applications

The integration of NVIDIA DeepStream SDK into Advantech’s vision AI solutions marks a significant leap in the capabilities of industrial AI cameras. This powerful software framework is designed to build and deploy AI-powered video analytics applications and services efficiently. By leveraging DeepStream, standard availble on on Advantech’s AI cameras, equipped with the NVIDIA Jetson platform, are transformed into highly efficient systems capable of processing, understanding, and analyzing video streams in real-time.

DeepStream SDK enables these cameras to utilize AI in ways that were previously unimaginable, allowing for the simultaneous tracking, identification, and categorization of objects within vast video datasets. This capability is crucial for applications requiring video processing. For video processing one doesn’t need any triggers which is making development time less. Also video processing is strong for damage or quality inspection on reflective surfaces such as metal, packaging and food. The efficiency and scalability provided by NVIDIA DeepStream ensure that these AI vision applications can be deployed with minimal effort, significantly reducing the complexity and resources needed to handle multiple video streams. This technological synergy not only enhances the performance and utility of Advantech’s AI cameras but also opens up new possibilities for innovation and application in various industries through the no-code computer vision platform of

Video Analytics: Beyond Image Processing in Industrial Applications

Advantech’s AI cameras, equipped with cutting-edge technology like NVIDIA Jetson, are pioneering the shift from traditional image processing to sophisticated video analytics in industrial applications. This evolution enables a more dynamic and comprehensive analysis of visual data, transitioning from static image capture to the continuous and intelligent evaluation of video footage. Video analytics leverages the full spectrum of AI capabilities, from object detection and classification to behavior analysis and anomaly detection, providing deeper insights and more actionable intelligence.

The power of video analytics, supported by robust platforms like NVIDIA DeepStream, allows businesses to not just see what’s happening in their operations but to understand and react proactively, ensuring efficiency, safety, and innovation.vThese advancements in video analytics, fueled by the capabilities of Advantech’s AI cameras, are setting new standards in how industries leverage visual data, transforming cameras from simple recording devices into intelligent systems that can predict, alert, and automate processes in ways previously thought impossible. Accelerating the Deployment of Cloud-to-Edge Vision AI Applications represents a transformative force in the deployment of cloud-to-edge vision AI applications, seamlessly integrating with Advantech’s sophisticated AI camera technologies. This platform stands out by enabling users, regardless of their technical expertise, to quickly develop, deploy, and manage AI vision applications across a wide range of industries.’s intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset simplify the complexities typically associated with AI projects, making advanced vision AI accessible to a broader audience.

By providing an ecosystem where Advantech’s cameras, such as the AI camera equipped with NVIDIA, can be easily integrated, significantly speeds up the development process. This integration ensures that applications can be brought online faster than ever before, meeting the urgent demands of industries looking for real-time analytics and insights. The collaboration between Advantech’s hardware and’s software solutions exemplifies a synergistic approach to overcoming barriers in AI adoption, ensuring that businesses can leverage the full potential of vision AI to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and customer experiences.

Conclusion: The Future of Vision AI with Advantech and

As we look to the future of vision AI, the partnership between Advantech and emerges as a beacon of innovation and accessibility. Together, they are setting new benchmarks in the industry, demonstrating how integrated solutions can unlock the full potential of vision AI technologies. The journey from complex, cumbersome AI deployments to streamlined, accessible applications marks a significant leap forward, paving the way for a future where AI is not just a tool for the few but a transformative power for the many.

The advancements made by Advantech in AI camera technology with the ICAM series, combined with’s software capabilities, are not just about technological innovation; they’re about creating a world where businesses can rapidly adapt and respond to changing dynamics through the power of AI. As these technologies continue to evolve, we can expect to see an even greater impact on various sectors, from manufacturing and logistics to retail and security, transforming data into actionable insights and driving a new era of efficiency and growth.

The collaboration between hardware and software, exemplified by Advantech and, is a testament to the power of partnership in driving the vision AI revolution. As we move forward, the potential for these technologies to reshape industries and enhance our capabilities is boundless, promising a future where the possibilities of vision AI are limited only by our imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advantech ICAM Series

Discover the most common inquiries surrounding the Advantech ICAM series, a leading solution in industrial AI and vision technology. This FAQ section aims to clarify your doubts, provide deeper insights into the series’ capabilities, and help you understand how these innovative cameras can transform your industrial applications. Explore these questions to learn more about the integration, features, and advantages of using Advantech ICAM cameras in your projects.

What Is the Advantech ICAM Series?

The Advantech ICAM series encompasses a range of advanced industrial cameras designed to integrate seamlessly with AI technologies for vision applications. These cameras are crafted to cater to the rigorous demands of industrial environments, offering robust features like high-resolution imaging, edge computing capabilities, and real-time processing. The series includes models like the ICAM-500, ICAM-520 and ICAM-540, each equipped with specialized sensors and NVIDIA AI modules to support diverse industrial vision tasks.

How Does the ICAM Series Integrate with NVIDIA Technology?

Advantech ICAM series integrates with NVIDIA technology by embedding NVIDIA Jetson modules into its cameras, such as the ICAM-520 and ICAM-540. This integration brings powerful computing capabilities to the edge, allowing for real-time AI inference directly on the camera. With NVIDIA’s AI and deep learning technologies, the ICAM series can process and analyze vast amounts of visual data efficiently, enabling applications like automated inspection and surveillance with minimal latency.

What Makes the ICAM-520 a Highly Integrated Industrial AI Camera?

The ICAM-520 stands out as a highly integrated industrial AI camera due to its combination of a SONY industrial-grade image sensor, NVIDIA Xavier NX module for AI computing, and features like variable focus lenses and LED lighting in a compact design. This integration allows for high-quality image acquisition, advanced on-device AI processing, and adaptable performance across a range of industrial environments, making it a versatile tool for various vision AI applications.

Can Advantech ICAM Cameras Reduce Installation and Maintenance Effort?

Yes, Advantech ICAM cameras significantly reduce installation and maintenance effort thanks to their all-in-one design, which combines lighting, lens, and computing components in a single compact unit. This integration eliminates the need for additional external devices and simplifies setup, resulting in lower labor costs and reduced downtime. The user-friendly interface and robust support tools also streamline ongoing maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency.

What Are the Key Features of the Advantech ICAM-500 Series?

The Advantech ICAM-500 series is renowned for its high integration, featuring an AI system on module powered by NVIDIA technology, enabling edge AI capabilities. Key features include a SONY industrial-grade image sensor for superior image quality, programmable variable focus lenses for flexible operation, and embedded LED illumination to ensure optimal lighting conditions. With support for NVIDIA DeepStream for AI analytics, the ICAM-500 series is equipped to handle demanding industrial vision tasks efficiently.

What Is the Advantech ICAM Series?

The Advantech ICAM series represents a cutting-edge lineup of industrial AI cameras, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industrial applications. These cameras, distinguished by their integration with NVIDIA’s powerful AI modules, offer unparalleled image processing and analytics capabilities. The series includes models like the ICAM-520 and ICAM-540, each tailored to provide high-quality imaging, real-time data processing, and AI-driven insights, supporting a wide range of applications from manufacturing to surveillance.

How Does the ICAM Series Integrate with NVIDIA Technology?

The ICAM series leverages NVIDIA technology through the inclusion of NVIDIA Jetson modules, bringing advanced AI and computing power directly to the edge. This integration enables the cameras to perform complex image processing and analytics tasks on-device, reducing latency and improving efficiency. For example, the ICAM-520 utilizes the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, offering up to 21 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of processing power, ideal for real-time AI applications.

What Makes the ICAM-520 a Highly Integrated Industrial AI Camera?

The ICAM-520 is considered a highly integrated industrial AI camera due to its combination of a powerful NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, a high-quality SONY industrial-grade image sensor, and advanced features such as programmable variable focus lenses and LED illumination. This integration enables the camera to capture detailed images, perform on-the-fly image processing, and execute AI-based analytics, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

Can Advantech ICAM Cameras Reduce Installation and Maintenance Effort?

Yes, Advantech ICAM cameras are designed to significantly reduce both installation and maintenance efforts. Their compact, all-in-one design integrates essential components, such as processing units and imaging sensors, simplifying the setup process. The ICAM series cameras also feature user-friendly software tools and robust construction, minimizing the need for frequent adjustments and maintenance, thereby reducing operational downtime and total cost of ownership.

What Are the Key Features of the Advantech ICAM-500 Series?

The Advantech ICAM-500 series is notable for its high integration level, featuring an NVIDIA AI system on module that brings powerful edge AI capabilities. Key features include a 1.6MP 60 FPS SONY industrial-grade image sensor for crisp, clear images, and programmable variable focus lenses for versatile imaging requirements. Additionally, the series supports NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK, enabling sophisticated video analytics applications, making it well-suited for industrial environments demanding high precision and reliability.

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