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User Responsibility and Account Management Policy

Upon utilizing any solution offered by, you acknowledge your acceptance of, and the obligation to adhere to, both the Privacy Policy and general T&C. It is your responsibility to ensure all activities conducted through your account, including the acquisition or utilization of third-party products or services and the corresponding data disclosures, are authorized and compliant with these policies. This responsibility extends to actions taken within your account, affirming that you possess the necessary authority for such activities.

By using the services provided by, users agree to take full responsibility for their conduct in accordance with their local laws and regulations. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that their use of’s software complies with all applicable legal standards in their jurisdiction. does not assume liability for users’ actions or misuse of our services that may violate local laws. Users must exercise due diligence and adhere to their local legislation while engaging with our software, ensuring their actions are lawful and respectful of legal obligations. has no obligation to monitor uploaded videos or photo’s, trained models and usage of AI vision models. Nevertheless if finds or suspects any violation of local laws or sensitive material it’s allowed to remove the data and/or suspend your account. has no liability or obligation to save data that we deem to be unlawfull.

By signing up for the free acount you acknowledge your data will be open source on the model library if you trained an actual model. Once converted to a paid license this model remains open source.

By signing up for visionplatform with an email linked any organization implies that your actions are taken on behalf of that organization,you are committing the organization to these conditions including the general T&C. has the right to automatically index yearly pricing with the Dutch yearly CPI inflation index on January 1 of every year regardless of the starting contract month.

When added or invited to a product managed by, it is important to recognize that your usage is governed by the administrator of that product—not by yourself. This includes decisions around your participation in the product, such as additions or removals, the activation or deactivation of third-party integrations, and adjustments to permissions. If visionplatform is aquired via a channel partner or releseller it’s important to agree the administrator between you and your partner. The administrator and it’s organization within visionplatform is responsible and bound to the Privacy, User Policy and T&C. The administrator is also the official responsible as billing partner and can add or remove other users.

Furthermore, any material you contribute or upload to the platform could be subject to access, usage, modification, sharing, or deletion by the administrator of the platform and their designated representatives, in accordance with our policies. You also acknowledge the possibility of your account being managed by the entity that holds or governs the email domain used during the account’s creation or registration. This management includes, but is not limited to, the administration of your use and access to the platform.

We respect the privacy of anyone who comes into contact with We are happy to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially. Processing of personal data is done in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy statement describes how handles personal data.

Purposes and bases of data processing

Your personal data will be processed by us for entering into and deepening the relationship with How far your relationship with goes is largely up to you. If you, as an employee of a member company, actively participate in’s activities, for example in committees or working groups, we will also approach you more often with related questions, information or knowledge exchange. In addition, data from member companies is processed as part of the membership. For example, your contact details can be shared with other members, and you can be approached for activities and information about If you order something via the website, we use that information to send you the product and for the financial settlement. If you no longer wish to receive certain information or contact, you can always indicate this and we will, where possible, stop such processing of your data as soon as possible.

If you sign up for an activity of via the website, or in another way, for example a meeting, order a product or use our services, we can also use your data for digitally sending related, relevant information, including information about membership.

If you participate in an event of or organized by, your name, organization and position may be shared with other participants of this event after registration at this event.

If your organization is a member of, your data will be processed as a necessary part of the execution of the rights and obligations arising from membership or on the basis of the law. In addition, has a legitimate interest in sending those who have provided their data in order to receive a product or service (such as an order, attending an event, participation in a committee or otherwise), additional information about as long as the relevant person has not indicated that they no longer wish to receive this information, after a period of two years those involved will be asked if they are still interested in this.

What data is processed

For each service we ask you to fill in certain information. The fields marked with an * are mandatory. needs this data for the execution of the service. For example, a valid e-mail address is required for sending the newsletter, and contact and billing information is required for ordering a product or service. In a number of cases, we request additional information about the company that is not mandatory. This data is used to gain more insight into the type of organizations that purchase services from, so that we can improve our services and better fulfill the objectives of the association.

Retention periods

When someone registers for the newsletter, stores the personal data for the period in which the person has not unsubscribed from the newsletter. In addition, will keep the personal data for the period in which it deems this relevant in the context of its services. The above periods apply unless is obliged to keep personal data for longer on the basis of a legal provision.

Use private area website

If you are an employee of a member company of, you can receive a username and password to log in to the private area of ​​the website. As a user, you are responsible for handling the username and password with care. We assume that a person who logs in with a username and password is authorized to use it. If a user suspects that the password is known to unauthorized persons, the user must inform of this as soon as possible so that measures can be taken.

Information about use of the website and cookies

Click here for an overview of our cookies.

Functional cookies

The website uses functional cookies to enable you as a user of our website to use the functionality of the website. These cookies are necessary to display the requested web pages and the associated functionalities, or to perform the requested service.

Website analysis with Google Analytics

Visiting data is kept on the website. In this context, in particular, the IP address of your computer, the time of retrieval and data sent by a visitor’s browser can be registered and used for statistical analyzes of visiting and clicking behavior on the website. This data is used to optimize the website. We use Google Analytics to perform analyses. We use the privacy-friendly settings of Google for this. The results of this will be made available to us anonymously by Google. Google is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield, which ensures that an appropriate level of data protection is maintained when processing your data by Google in the US. More information about the privacy consequences of this can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Read Google’s privacy policy for more information, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics.

You can withdraw your consent to the use of these web analytics by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on.

Marketing cookies

Google Tag Manager is installed on the website. This is a solution that allows us to manage website tags from one interface. The tag management tool itself (which implements the tags) is a cookieless domain that does not collect any personally identifiable information. The utility causes other tags to fire, which in turn can collect data. Google Tag Manager does not use this data. To learn more about Google Tag Manager, visit

LinkedIn has placed tags on the website via the Google Tag Manager (including Doubleclick). This concerns buttons for sharing content via your LinkedIn account and ad tags to provide insight into the statistics of our advertisements. We ask for your permission to place these cookies. These cookies make it possible to deliver advertisements about that are relevant to you, to limit the number of times you see an advertisement, help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and allow us to track your surfing behaviour. On the basis of your permission, we may place the cookies to provide insight into what happens with our advertisements.

We use Spotler Leads to measure a more extensive website visit and to create a profile of a visitor. We use special software for this, namely Spotler B2B.

Third Party Websites

The website may contain hyperlinks to websites of third parties, such as YouTube, LinkedIn and various news sources. Although these website(s) have been selected with care, bears no responsibility with regard to these third parties and the way in which they handle (personal) data. The privacy statement of the relevant third party applies to the use of such third-party websites. You should read the privacy statement of this third party to gain insight into how this party handles your personal data.


You can sign up for’s general newsletter via the website or if you sign up for an account you are automatically added. We use this to inform interested parties about developments that are relevant to the ICT sector. Every newsletter contains a link with which you can unsubscribe. The subscriber file of the newsletter is not provided to third parties.

Invitations and other emails

If you are a member contact person at your organization or if you participate in a paid activity of, we will use your email address to inform you about relevant workshops, services, products and the like. In addition, has several mailing lists on specific topics to which we can add you at your request, or because this arises from activities in the context of your membership. You can always indicate that you no longer wish to receive e-mails by unsubscribing directly from a mailing list, or by contacting our secretariat.

Provision to third parties does not provide personal data to third parties other than on the basis of the law, at your request or to processors who perform certain activities on behalf of (such as the mail tool provider, the CRM provider, hosting party and IT administrator).

Information requests, access, correction and right to object

You can inform us in writing or by e-mail if you no longer wish to be contacted with information about our products. If you want more information about, our privacy policy, or if you want to make a request for access, correction or deletion, please contact us at the address below. You can also go here if you want to submit a complaint. Complaints about processing operations can also be submitted to the national privacy regulator. B.V.
Marconistraat 16
3029AK Rotterdam
+31 (0)85 06 06 591

Adjusting privacy statement

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement & User Policy. Changes will be published on this website. therefore advises the user to regularly check this page to see whether changes have been made. The current privacy statement was updated on June 11, 2021. The current User Policy statement was updated on 06-02-2024

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